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BOCO Content Management System

Easy Site Updates - Reports - Reviews - SEO - Cart - 100k+ Product Capability

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Build an eCommerce website of 50k products in one day

Selling products on your website obviously involves much more in behind the scenes functionality. Here at BOCO, we are not only eCommerce experts, we have developed our own proprietary CMS software to construct a fully functional (Navigation, Images w/ Zoom and Rotate, 3rd Party Fulfillment, Reviews, Reports, Social Networking, Cart, Members / Guests, Discounting, etc..) professional eCommerce website. EXAMPLE SITE

Although other content management systems exist, (and we work with them all if your website has already been created) they may force owners and managers into hosting with companies they may not want, are very expensive or were built with blogging in mind. Our CMS is made for ecommerce professionals who need to make their website a working profit center.

We've discovered, over time, that many business owners want a complete system to manage their business on their own. They want a way to add product and pricing quickly and easily, add new pages to the website, create custom discount schemes, monitor reviews, change shipping options, change site navigation, produce reports, etc.. So, two years ago we built a CMS that any computer literate business owner can use.

With our CMS an entire professional ecommerce website can be built in weeks instead of months. The owner has full control over the website with easy to use and understand tools that exist behind a secure login. Our system is capable of quickly building fully functional ecommerce sites with 50 to 50k products. It can also be adapted to be a site that doesn't actually sell product but allows users to add product via a "wish list" system, print the contents of the wish list and take that into a retail store. Both powerful and flexible our CMS is a true Website Construction Set.

If you're looking for a quick, efficient, cost effective way to build a professional ecommerce website that you will ultimately manage, give us a call and we'll show you what we have to offer.