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Driving Traffic on The Web

Effective Free and Paid Traffic Driving Strategies

Organic Traffic (Search Engines) - Pay Traffic (PPC / PPI / CPA / CPL)

Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic - All Traffic is Not Equal

Being successful with your online business is all about traffic. Getting traffic, converting traffic, analyzing traffic and shaping your traffic. At BOCO Web Solutions we're experts at crafting traffic strategies that work. We do not simply focus on a one-prong approach to drive traffic to your site. Our expertise will include any / all of the following strategies.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

SEO (Free Organic Traffic)

Search Engine Optimization drives free or "Organic" traffic. Organic traffic is generally traffic that you don't pay for directly. For the most part you get organic traffic by virtue of having good content on your web site. Generally speaking the more good content on your website the more organic traffic you will get, to a point.

Getting organic traffic is dependent on something called "web spiders" or "spidering". Spidering occurs when there are links from other websites to your website. The "spider" itself is a piece of code generated by the many search engines. Its job is to follow links to websites in order to weigh and measure each site.

When your web site is "spidered" a certain number of pages are "indexed" or added to the database that the search engine uses to deliver results to the users who use that search engine. Depending on a sometimes cryptic evaluation method, when someone uses a search engine to search for key words related to your website, one of your pages will appear as a choice on the search engine results page.

There is a lot more to it of course, but we can discuss that in person. So, if you're looking to build organic traffic we'll walk you through our process to insure that your web site gets spidered and that the spider likes what it sees.

Online Public Relations: If you have a website, or are going to have one, you need to let the world know what you're doing and what you're providing. The way to do that is through online PR.

At BOCO Web Solutions we are experts at creating and promoting your website online through PR. We can sit down with you to create the strategy behind your PR campaign, create the content that will be used and also leverage all of the tools that are available. How can online PR be effective?

Generally speaking most PR done online is done through very large companies that specialize in issuing your PR articles to a very wide variety of websites, blogs, social networking sites, directories, etc... Since that's the case, what they issue gets spidered (remember that concept?) and added to the major search engine databases for consumption by the users of those search engines. In many cases once your PR goes out it's seen on the search engines within minutes! What's the benefit to that you ask? Well, that means traffic coming to your articles and if done correctly, your website.

Buzz Marketing: This is another traffic driver that uses social networking sites, contests, free online media sites, etc. to drive traffic to your website. We've seen a lot of success with buzz marketing because people like to get involved. That concept is really the key to all social networking. If somebody likes what you're doing they're more likely to tell somebody. If you get lucky it may become viral. We at BOCO have a LOT of experience with this type of traffic driving tool and are more than willing to share our expertise with you when you decide to engage with us.

SEM (Traffic You Pay For)

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the science of buying targeted traffic. A good SEM strategy can be both powerful and profitable to your web business.

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

"Paid" traffic (SEM including: Yep, this is what it sounds like. We actively go out and buy traffic for your web site. There are many tools that we can use for this including:

Pay Per Click: We use Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter, 7 Search, etc.. These are collectively called PPCSE's or Pay Per Click Search Engines. Using these PPCSE's we create a display ad and bid on specific keywords. The PPCSE, based on our bid price, will display the ad for the public. Probably the best known of the PPCSE's is Google Adwords.

When you conduct a Google search, you can see Adwords ads in the search results as the top three results and also on the far right hand side of the page. Each time someone clicks on one of your display ad's, Adwords charges you the bid price. So, if you bid $1.00 on the key words "red bike" and somebody clicks on your display ad you get charged $1.00. You can see how it's important that your website converts traffic well as PPC can get expensive pretty quickly especially if you're bidding on popular key words.

At BOCO we've been doing this a long time and have managed key words sets in excess of 300k key words and budgets from a few hundred dollars a month to as much as a hundred thousand dollars per month. We can / will guide you through the process and get the most from your PPC dollars.

Affiliate programs: Setting up and using these programs is interesting because they're generally PPA (Pay Per Action) programs. In a PPA program you only pay if a sale is made. This makes affiliate programs attractive.

Here is how they work... There are people out there that have websites or use PPC to sell other peoples products and services. These people are affiliate marketers and they're always looking for something lucrative to sell. We help you create an attractive program to market to the affiliates who in turn market your products on their websites. In essence you get access to a much larger marketplace to sell your products by having literally hundreds or even thousands of more websites marketing your products or service.

There are several ways to find these affiliates and they range from paying one of the large aggregators (Commission Junction, LinkShare, etc..) to join their networks to setting up your own program. Both methods have pros and cons and both can be very lucrative. We'd be happy to explain the entire process to you. At BOCO we've run many affiliate programs and can help guide you through the process and can even manage the program for you.

Pay Per Inclusion (PPI): Sometimes you have to pay to get your web pages included in a search engines database so that they can be found on that search engines results pages.

With PPI you generally pay for each web page you want in the database. Sometimes you'll also pay for traffic to the pages you have in the database. There are times when using PPI can simply act as an additional incremental traffic driver. There are also times when PPI can be very lucrative for the website owner who knows how to use it.

At BOCO we will help you understand PPI and when you can use PPI to your advantage. Give us a call to discuss how PPI can work for you. BOCO will expertly employ the strategies that work to best achieve your goals. We can help you get the visitors that you are looking for by making your website relevant so that people searching for your product or service will land on your site and take the desiraction that you are hoping for.