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SEM = Buying Traffic

Can SEM Services Increase Profitable Traffic To Your Website?

Paid traffic? Yes, you can actually pay for every click that comes to your website. Do you always want to do that? Well, no you don't. You only want to buy traffic if it's profitable.

A website that sells low margin product or doesn't convert traffic very well is not a good candidate for buying traffic. You need to look at what we call "Cost Per Aquisition", or "what are you willing to spend to aquire a customer?". Let's say that you make $10 in profit off of your product. Would you be willing to spend $5.00 of that profit to aquire a new customer?

There are several ways to buy traffic if your website can make use of it. You can do what's called Pay Per Click (PPC), which basically means you are willing to pay some amount of money for each person that clicks through to your website. There is Pay Per Lead (PPL), which basiaclly means that you set up some sort of criteria and will pay for each lead that fits that criteria. There is banner advertising, paying to be incuded in retailer listings, Pay Per Inclusion (PPI), which is paying to be listed in a search engines DB,etc...

There is really no end to the ways you can buy traffic. The caveat is that not all of these will work for your product or service and you MUST be very careful when moving to a traffic buying strategy.

Of all of the traffic buying strategies that exist, the most popular is Pay Per Click. In fact, you don't even need a website to employ a PPC strategy. However, be aware that you must thoroughly understand your Cost Per Aquistion model and have the money to test and perfect a really good PPC strategy. Developing and managing a successful PayPerClick advertising program is a complex and cumbersome process. Key strategies include:

  • Development & Monitoring thousands of keywords
  • Managing Multiple Search Engines (Google, Yahoo & Live)
  • Creating effective ad copy
  • Tracking and analyzing conversion rates
  • Calculating cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Understanding overall Return on Investment (ROI)

It takes time, skill and specialized expertise. Web Hits offers the in-depth experience to professionally develop, implement and manage a customized, integrated PayPerClick strategy to maximize the return on your internet marketing investments. While you focus on your core business, our team saves you time and money, and delivers the results you're looking for. Here are a couple examples of client successes:

Generally speaking most PR done online is done through very large companies that specialize in issuing your PR articles to a very wide variety of websites, blogs, social networking sites, directories, etc... Since that's the case, what they issue gets spidered (remember that concept?) and added to the major search engine databases for consumption by the users of those search engines. In many cases once your PR goes out it's seen on the search engines within minutes! What's the benefit to that you ask? Well, that means traffic coming to your articles and if done correctly, your website.

Memory Manufacturer:

A company whose whole business model is in selling value priced memory online. After creating and implementing a Google Adwords and Yahoo! campaign this company DOUBLED it's online sales, while increasing profit margins 10% (we showed them lowest price isn't always the best). One caveat... we had also optimized their sales funnel, which after work was converting traffic at 5%!

Cosmetics Company:

We created a new Adwords campaign for this New York based company and watched their sales go through the roof. Not only did the sales increase by 500%, we managed to get the site converting at 3.67%, up from less than 1%...

We are very good at buying traffic... and Adwords / Yahoo and Live are only a few of the places we can buy...