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What are SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)?

Simply put, SEO services provide the art and science of using content, link building and on page attributes to allow your site to be found through organic (non paid) listings on all major search engines.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

A little information about SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

So, you have a spiffy new website, now what? Well, having people come see your new website would be very good. So... how do you do that?

We start by analyizing what your current website traffic looks like. That includes figuring out how people are currently finding your website, what search words they're using, how many people stay on your site, etc.. If you're not running any kind of analytics (software used to tell you about how your website is functioning) we'll install Google Analytics (free software) as part of our service. Once we analyzed your website we can start figuring out exactly what words or phrases people would use when trying to find a product or service like yours through search engines. We also look at how many inbound links (links coming to your site) you have.

Once we have that analysis complete and know what keywords those words and phrases we begin to to weave them into certain pages, and in a very specific way, on your website. The process we use is called search engine optimization or SEO Services.

Organic SEO

Why is analysis and making changes on your web pages important? Well, there is a bit of web code created by each search engine called a spider. It's the spiders job to find, weigh, measure and rank every single web page available on the internet.

Search engines need to us ethe "spider" because if they can find all of the pages, and arrange them in a way that compels people to use their service to find what they're looking for, they call it "relevent search results" and the more accurate they are the more people will use the service. When you have literally millions of users using your search engine you sell other products and services, like Adwords and Adsense listing, which we cover on a different page of this website. Needless to say major search engines make BILLIONS of dollars selling add on services. So, our job is to not only get the spider to visit your web pages, but when it weighs and measures the pages, to make sure your pages have the best chance (be the most relevant)to end up at the top of the search engine rankings.

Here's a little secret for you... getting a few keywords ranked in the top of the search engines is great, however, it's when you rank hundred's, thousands and tens of thousands of keywords and key-phrases all over the search engines pages that you really prosper and your site becomes what you want... profitable and sustainable.

We will help you discover every possible keyword, we call that keyword farming, and we will optimize all of your websites pages to leverage the accumulated affect of all of your keywords... if you work on sales funnel optimization as well as search engine optimization / SEO, you maximize the sites traffic and conversion capability at the same time. Think about that.