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Developing a truly successful website involves more than just putting up some pretty pages. Before diving into the process of website development, BOCO Web solutions takes the time to get to know our clients. Our web developers and web project managers start with some very basic questions...

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What are you trying to accomplish with your website (sales, leads, PR, information delivery)?.

Who is your target audience?

What kind of marketing plan, both online and offline, do you have to promote the website?

Knowing your business style and what makes your business different helps us with not only the development of your website but the content the site presents. The end result of our collaboration will be a detailed plan and strategy that allows us to achieve your online goals.

A website is not magic (unless our web developers build it for you of course ;), it doesn't just "work" because you can type in your address and your site appears in a web browser. A lot of hard work and smart strategy go into developing a truly successful site. Understanding what you want your website to do, who will use it, what functionality your customers will need, how you will get customers to your site and what behaviors you require customers to perform on the website are just a few of the aspects our clients need to think about. At BOCO we understand this process, walk you through it every step of the way and work with you to create not simply a beautiful website but one that grows your business!!

We Will Help You With:

  • Content Gathering
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • User Experience Research
  • Usability Testing

At BOCO we are only successful when our clients web sites are successful. We know and understand that the client is making an investment of their hard earned money and that they expect results.

How do we deliver results? We concentrate on asking our clients the right questions long before anything is built. We focus on how the website will perform, how we’ll drive traffic, which keywords are required.

We think about more than just getting your website up, we think about what is required to make your site successful in the short and long term. We work in partnership with the client not just to build a website, but to build a web presence and strategy that will help the client find success online.